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Peo Investment Plan

Your first step to bringing your dreams to life.

Easily save for any future financial goal over time.

Peo Investment Plan

This is an investment plan that allows you to save for any future goal over time and will pay you or your loved ones a specified benefit once your savings goal is achieved. With the Peo Investment Plan your future is within reach, you can easily save for your dream wedding, holiday, home enhancement or your child’s education.

What are the benefits?


Emergency withdrawal

Save from P50,000 up to P750,000
Partially withdraw money from your plan for unanticipated emergencies

Save over time

Saving terms range from 5 to 18 years
Receive the specified payout at maturity
Increase your cover annually

Policy options

Choose benefit on untimely death or disability before maturity of the plan
a lump benefit
premium waiver benefit

Why should I get this plan?

  • You can save towards any of your future financial goals in a few simple steps.
  • The plan is not market linked, so all your future benefits are guaranteed provided all premiums are paid when due.
  • All benefits paid from the policy are free of tax.
  • This means that you or your beneficiaries will receive the full benefit amount you have saved for in the unfortunate event of you dying or becoming disabled, your loved ones would still be financially secure.


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